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  1. GPS Devices are fitted in all cross-border Prime Mover and Container.
  2. 24/7 Command center supports all countries ie. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & mainland China.
  3. All critical events ie. Panic button, Idling. Unauthorised Route Diversion are reported through Command Center by SMS,Email or Phone Calls.
  4. All GPS data is protected with highly secured network infrastructure.
  5. All servers, database, mapping data and GPS Data are hosted in outsourced data center with high availability infrasturcture.
  6. GPS tracking system are fully web based, can be accessed anywhere, anyplace and anytime without the need of any software installation.
  7. 4 countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & China) with one fully integrated systems.
Key Features
  1. Real-time tracing with Map or satellite mode.
  2. Real-time monitoring of fleet status and activity.
  3. Real-time truck status update with auto-refresh
  4. Data acquisition from fleet either on user demand or pre-defined interval.
  5. Able to extract historical route taken by all trucks or containers.
  6. Pro-active monitoring of route taken by truck drivers to prevent unauthorized route diversion.
  7. Pro-active monitoring with critical milestones through Geo-fencing settings.
  8. Geo-fencing events report is recorded real time and stored in server.
  9. Geo-fencing data are used for further analysis to ensure all delivery is in compliance with our delivery timeline benchmark.