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  1. We use 45ft container with CCTV camera for Indo-China haulage.
  2. We have 24/7 Command Centre in four different country. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China.
  3. We use state of the arts GPS tracking and E-lock mechanism.
  4. All of our truck are enhanced with Security facilities, immobilizer, panic button, hearing-in devices, alarm buzzing, when customer are open without authorization or etc.
  5. We operate our own custom brokerage team at custom brokerage gateway.
  6. We posses or own LOLO and RORO facilities at major hubs.
  7. We provide bonded and non-bonded warehouse facilities in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.
  8. We continue to undertake and invest in R&D on security and IT Technology.
  9. We are certified Transported Aset Protection Associations (TAPA) Asia company.